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see ya!As you might know, school is ending (in Canada). So today I am here to go over everything that happened on my blog this year. I will first go over the digital citizenship rules that I learned, like: online privacy (ex: staying anonymous and not telling any personal information). Also: intellectual property (ex: not “stealing” images, or copyrighting items). Another useful skill that I picked up this year, was grammar, and not just any ordinary grammar, but rather beautiful grammar. I also had the chance to learn about many widgets, and their uses. I learned about widgets such as: the sidebar, the “blog squad”, the “tag cloud” and two fun widgets known as: the map counter: counts how many visitors you have and where they are from, and the: world time widget: tells the time of pretty much every country in the world. One of my favorite things on the blog that I “own” is the “assigned writing”, because A: it’s usually a fun topic, and B: it really let’s my voice “express itself”. One of my least favorite things on my blog is the comments, because they can sometimes glitch out and crash WordPress, or they can just simply be hard to post. In fact, I once had to wait twenty minutes just to post one little comment. Anyway, let’s move on. My favorite post on my blog is by far this one, because I really get to connect with the readers and go into detail about my blog. My least favorite post, is “Breaking Stalin’s Nose”, because it was useless. I wrote that post thinking I was done, only to find out that I needed to write an even bigger essay version of it on February 4 2016. PS: the mini post about “Breaking Stalin’s Nose” is able to be seen on the third page (posted on December 7 2015). One thing that definitely made me happy, was that I had been in the semi-finals for the best blog of St-Lawrence. I think that my strongest post was my “Success” post, because I really used my voice. Before I began blogging, I was an extremely slow typist, but after I started my blog, my skills quickly went up. I started to type WAY quicker, for example: before= 100 words in 22 minutes. After= 250 in 14 minutes. Plus, I had a head start on computer technology, because my mom is a nurse teacher, and she sometimes works from home. So, she would sit in the living room for up to almost four hours just typing. She sometimes wrote documents of 3000 words. She was very supportive with the idea of a blog and was even willing to teach me how to improve mine. On the other hand, my dad uses the computer for other educational reasons, like: research, tutorials and educative videos. I hope that once my sister is my age, she will also have a blog, so I can read her cool content and see how good her writing and grammar is. I also encourage young readers to come take one final look at my fresh content. And for the final time, goodbye.

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One Signature Can Mean A Lot

Way back (actually before Christmas) my mom had one of her friends over. I thought that it was going to be a normal night, you know just chilling out. But it turns out that it wasn’t. I found out that (complicated part coming up) my mom’s friend was friends with the cousin of the very well known “Vanoss gaming”. At first I thought that I was dreaming, but no. I was not dreaming because before I knew it, it just kept getting better. It turns out that my mom’s friend would ask Vanoss’s cousin to ask for a signature, FOR ME! I felt so happy that I could fly to the moon! (more…)


memeWhat is success, what is success to you? In fact, according to the “Reverso” dictionary, success is the favorable outcome of something attempted, or it can be: an action/performance that is characterized by success.

In my opinion, success is an attained goal or dream. It can also be an achievement or a victory. The qualities that I think the general person would need for success are: perseverance, skill and faith/hope.

One of my favorite success quotes is: “Don’t aim for success, if you want it, just keep doing what you love and believe in, success will naturally come later on” – David Frost (more…)

The Supper Table

The wind blew through Shawn’s hair as he ran down the street. He was running, as usual. He didn’t live anywhere, he didn’t have an address or an official residence. After his parents passed away, he went to live with his aunt Lidia and his uncle Frank. He hated them, he hated them so much that he ran away from “home”. Until this day, he is barely seen. But today, was the day that he was seen very clearly. In fact, it was Cindy Jonas who saw him, she even had a conversation with him. During their conversation, he kept asking her about one particular subject, her residence.

“How big is your house?” he questioned.

“Is your house clean?” he added.                                                                       Mary Pratt Supper Table

“What do you do in your house?” he quizzed.

She would always answer:

“Mind your own business, don’t you have a home?” she snarled.

Knowing that he kept a promise to never speak of his past, he simply replied:

“Yeah, your right, of course I live in a house” He simply said.

She was going to be late for class, so she concluded the conversation by saying:

“By the way, I’m Cindy, Cindy Jonas” she piped. (more…)



Every time that you think that your world is dark, just remember that there will always be a light bulb to guide your way…

(Continue the story in the comments 🙂



An Award-Winning Video-Game


Before we start up, I’m just going to explain what’s happening: I will talk about one of my favorite video-games. So let’s get right into it.          FIFA16Draft[1]

The game that really blew my mind (and deserves an award) is Fifa 16. The reason I chose this game, is because: I love soccer, great graphics, addictive, online play and daily news. This game is easy to play and guarantees hours of soccer filled fun. My favorite feature is Ultimate Team. It’s where you create a squad, play games for money, buy better players, open player packs, win tournaments, win seasons, play online and become a legend. They (EA, creators of Fifa) also added a new game mode called FUT (Fifa Ultimate Team) draft. For a measly 15,000 coins or 300 Fifa points, you can pick a formation, draft a team and manager and then play up to four games. The farther in the draft you get, the better the prize is.

In the comment section below, tell me what your favorite video-game is.

Image Credit And Source: https://www.pixeldynamo.com/news/gaming/2015/09/08/79696/breaking-fut-draft-mode-fifa-16/

Top Three Most Recommended Places To Visit In Canada

Today I will tell you guys my most recommended places to visit, experience and enjoy in Canada. These following places are my most recommended locations to visit in Canada.

  1. Tim_Hortons_US_Logo[1]The first place I recommend you visit is the local “Tim Horton’s”. I would recommend this place because of its true Canadian taste and ingredients. Tim Horton’s or “Tim’s” for short, is a donut, coffee and breakfast company. Although they are popular for selling their world famous coffees (lattés, hot coco’s and even cold beverages), they also introduced: donuts, sandwiches, bagels and even the very well known “Timbits”. The reason I like this place is because it’s usually conveniently placed, cheap prices, healthy food (sometimes) and also their own mini boutique (in participating sellers/locations).IMG_1218[1]
  2. The second place I recommend you visit is the famously known trampoline center called/named: Isaute. This could just be the best trampoline center in Canada, with good safety concerns, loads of activities hours of fun. I once brought my GoPro there and I got some great footage. They have basketball, dodgeball, foam pits and free jumping.
  3. The last place I recommend you visit is the Montreal Olympic stadium. It brings back memories of us hosting the 1976 Olympics. It also offers a beautiful view of most of the city of Montreal. I went their last year with the school and really enjoyed, I think you would to.                                                                                                                                    In the comment section below, tell me one place you  recommend I visit.  


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